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Apple News and Rumors

News from the world of Apple delivers headlines, stories and gossip about the company with apple logo and the Mac OS X, iPod, iPhone as well as iPad universe. News and background information around the software and hardware of the apple producer from Cupertino. Reports about friends, allies, competitors and enemies. The good, the bad and the evil about everything related to Apple, Inc.

  Apple 27-inch iMac with Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse

Apfelbeisser Column

Der Apfelbeisser (the apple biter) presents the bitten into column about Apple. Gossip, juice and rumors from the Apple universe from A as Apple to Z as Zoom. Cheeky, funny, uncensored and with bite. With his deadly pen the Apfelbeisser adds his two cents on all possible topics. Not a stone is left standing.

  The Apfelbeisser at work

Mobile Services

Prismo Mobile offers financial information and services optimized for PDAs, handhelds, smartphones and mobile phones. See the Info page for what's new or on the way.

About 1'500 quotes are available from 30 stock exchanges, delayed between 15 to 20 minutes for most trading places. Data source is Yahoo! Finance (Reuters, Telekurs, Comstock or direct from the stock exchange).

  Smartphone in use

Surveys, Web Browsers and Comparisons

  Survey screen


Chromachron is a Swiss designer clock that displays the time based on the color-time-circle. This downloadable software brings the original Swiss Made wristwatch to your Macintosh desktop. The color-time-clock that creates time is only available for Macintosh systems.

  Chromachron clock

Palm Banking

Palm Banking is a user interface design prototype for mobile banking. It describes wireless financial services for retail customers based on the Palm organizer. The user experience is designed for professionals on the move, supporting them to efficiently manage their assets and invest in stock quotes. The m-banking project is visualized with a demo for Palm PDAs (wireless Internet banking).

  Limit alert

Web Colors

Web Colors features a browser-safe color chart with hexadecimal codes, RGB and percent values organized by tone. The 216 colors are also called the Browser-safe color palette.

  Color chart

About Prismo

About Prismo provides background information and an outlook on future plans of Prismo. Think mobile, wireless and different! Latest usability headlines from added.

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