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Screen and Display News Archive 2008

This archive offers published display and monitor news from various sources of the year 2008.

Learn more about TFT LCD, plasma and OLED innovations and technologies from the past. This page features important milestones on display and TV related news as well as market development reports from 2008.

The following headlines document the history of the Screen Size and Resolution Comparisons news ticker and are listed chronologically by month.

See the history column on the right side for older news stories long ago.

Display News 2008

January 2009

Currently are no news headlines available for this month.


Dell Adamo to sport ultra-thin LCD: Very expensive Dell Adamo notebook to use extra-thin 3.5mm (0.14-inch) LC display [25.12]

Apple 24" LED Cinema Display review: 24-inch LED Cinema Display is the company's first display designed specifically for use with its laptop line [5.12]

OLEDs in notebooks by 2010: Samsung tobring active matrix organic LED displays to market in notebooks by 2010 [2.12]


Samsung unveils 23-inch, 2048x1152 LCD: New 23-inch display shares movie-friendly, extra-wide 16:9 aspect ratio and 2048 x 1152 pixels [6.11]


Flexible OLED display is just 0.05mm thick: Samsung SDI unveiled an ultra-thin flapping OLED screen at the FPD International Expo [29.10]

LCD vs plasma: Battle of the big screens: New LCD display technology may finally bridge the picture quality gap with plasma [17.10]


LaCie intros 700 Series LCDs for creative pros: LaCie rolled out 20-, 24- and 30-inch LED backlit, wide gamut professional LCD displays [30.9]

Dell 22- and 23-inch 1080p LCDs hit company site: Two smaller 1080p LCDs with 16:9 aspect ratio and 1920x1080 resolution [27.9]

Dell to use greener LED displays for all laptops: Dell vows full switch to cleaner, more efficient LED laptop screens by 2010 [24.9]


Sony may offer OLED TVs in Europe in 2009: Sony plans to sell ultra-thin television based on organic light-emitting diode technology as early as in 2009 in Europe [13.8]


Philips turned off by monitor business: Royal Philips Electronics will transfer its entire monitor and IT displays business to Hong Kong-based company TPV Technology [8.7]


Dell's 27-inch UltraSharp 2709W LCD: Dell launches its second-ever 27-inch 2709W with 1920 by 1200 resolution and DisplayPort [19.6]


High-contrast HDR TV displays: High dynamic range LCD display panels use LEDs as backlighting source [24.5]

16:9 ratio notebook panels to become mainstream in 2H08: Ultra-wide 14, 15.6, 17.3 and 18.4-inch panels to be used by Acer, Dell, Toshiba Sony, Lenovo and Asustek Computer [22.5]

All MacBooks to use LED backlighting: Apple plans for all of its MacBooks to use LED-backlit displays by 2009 [21.5]

E-Ink's segmented display cell displays: E-Ink to introduce a new SDC display based on segmented display cell technology [11.5]


LCD panel makers to standardize LED backlighting: Notebook makers pushing for standards on LED backlit notebook panels [22.4]

ePaper displays move closer to real paper: Electronic paper display is more like real paper than ever [16.4]

Plasma displays coming to cell phones: Panasonic to offer plasma video displays for mobile phones [4.4]


Apple's patent for an LCD display that also takes photos, video: Future 3G iPhone might have video conferencing capabilities [26.3]

Plasma TVs to get thinner, brighter and sharper: Innovation: Plasma television manufactures to launch models that will be miniscule in depth and promise even brighter pictures [21.3]

16" and 18.4" notebooks with 16:9 display : Dell Aspire laptops feature 16- and 18.4-inch 16:9 widescreen panels [13.3]

Samsung preps 53-series computer LCDs: The new desktop range includes the color quality and design normally reserved for the company's HDTVs [12.3]

Dell and Samsung top LCD monitor market in 4Q07: After losing the top worldwide market share position in desktop LCD monitors to Samsung, Dell bounced back [7.3]

LED compared to CCFL backlighting expensive: The price gap between LED- and CCFL-based notebooks remains still large [6.3]

30-inch LCD monitors: Review of large 30-inch displays with 4.1 million pixels for creative use [3.3]


LCD panel prices may not rebound in March: Low season will continue and inventory levels in the end market remain relatively high [19.2]

Eizo intros color-accurate 30-inch LCD: The ColorEdge CG301W captures 100% of the NTSC gamut and 97% of Adobe's RGB color space [4.2]


33 megapixel Super Hi-Vision (Ultra HDTV): Japan plans to bring Super Hi-Vision a.k.a. Ultra High Definition to life as a broadcast standard by 2015 [14.1]

Kopin claims smallest color SVGA display: Kopin's microdisplay for mobile consumer and military applications has a 800x600 resolution [10.1]

Samsung 31" prototype OLED TV: Samsung's 31-inch AM-OLED is biggest, thinnest home entertainment [9.1]

Pioneer's 50" plasma HDTV is thinner than an iPhone: Pioneer just announced a 9mm thin, 50-inch plasma HD television at CES [6.1]

Shortage of 17", 19" and 22" LCD monitor panels: Short supply expected for 17-, 19-widescreen and 22- widescreen monitor panels in 2008 [2.1]

Panel makers: 19" not to replace 17" monitors: 19-inch widescreen monitors unlikely to replace 17-inch in the business market [2.1]

Historic News Archives

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