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Prismo Surveys

The Display and Browser Window Survey deals with the habits and preferred settings regarding screen and browser windows of Internet users.

The survey is conducted completely anonymous. All collected data are treated confidential and are only used for statistical purposes.

The survey is open for all Internet users worldwide. The results support mainly Web designers for optimizing web pages and that in the end serves you too.

Data about your display like size, resolution and color depth as well as the number of open browser windows and your preferred window size are gathered.

The survey is online for the time being and provides continually results to monitor changes in the user behavior and the used displays over a longer period of time.

To answer the questions you need less than 5 minutes. Your information is treated and evaluated completely confidential. You can participate with multiple computers (e.g. with the desktop at home or the portable on the road).

This survey started in February 2003 and 1'833 persons have participated so far. The results are online.

Have fun filling out the Display and Browser Window Survey!

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